German Bundesliga Pay-TV: Simulcrypt would be the best solution


Football games could be broadcast in parallel using several encryption systems - TV broadcasters would have the maximum technical reach - Always on the safe side with an AlphaCrypt CI module

Unterbergen, 10. February 2006 Decisions will have to be taken in the next few weeks on the mode of broadcasting German Bundesliga football games on TV from this summer. The most user-friendly variant would be broadcasts utilising several encryption/coding standards, known in technical terms as Simulcrypt. In Europe, where Premiere and the major cable network operators use the Nagravision system,  other encryption systems such as Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto or Viaccess have also established their piece of the market. There are numerous digital TV receivers in German households that have these systems already built in, or that could be converted to these systems using an appropriate CI module in conjunction with a built-in Common-Interface slot.

According to Mascom chief executive Heinz Gruber, "German Bundesliga Pay-TV using the  Simulcrypt technology would have the widest possible reach in Germany. "And the technical  requirements for the TV broadcaster are only marginally greater than if only a single encryption system were used".

Viewers wishing to play on the safe side should look to buying a digital receiver with a Common Interface slot, as well as a CI module of the AlphaCrypt family, developed by Mascom. The AlphaCrypt modules, which are available in several models, are regarded as the  "Swiss army knife" of the German-language Pay-TV world, as each AlphaCrypt module is able to master several encryption systems.

In the future world of digital TV there will be no getting around Common Interface technology. Both the ASTRA satellite operator SES Astra and the German working group for satellite reception (AG SAT) e. V. recommend consumers should buy Common Interface receivers. This is the only way of ensuring they can access as many as possible of the newly available contents and services in future.



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